About Us

Pantry Box is a family inspired business. The idea first starting developing when we realised how busy the average mom is and how something as ordinary as cooking a wholesome meal for our family has become a difficult chore surrounded by extra murals and homework chaos. So, we wanted to help.

If you had to ask whose idea it was, it would be difficult to say whether it was Jako or I who came up with the original idea, as the idea has just grown and changed as we have experimented and explored. What we can tell you is that this idea is God inspired and it is the answer to fasting and prayer.

Of course, our children have loved all the experimentation with dinners. We have gone from boring, oh-my-goodness-what-am-I-going-to-cook-for-dinner-tonight meals to different, exciting and tasty complete meals. I, as a mom, feel so much better feeding them healthy food. Veggies, instead of being included if there was time, is now a standard part of our meal, and we are all benefiting from the improved quality of the food.

Meet your tasting panel
Jako: Husband of the author, father of the kids. Loves different and unusual foods but isn’t fussy. Knows good food when he eats it.
Emily: The eldest sister and the fussiest child. At 14 years old she definitely knows what she does and doesn’t like and isn’t afraid to tell us. A thumb’s up from her is a big thumbs up indeed.
Willem: Our only son and lover of food. At 11, he can eat enough to sink a battleship some nights. Loves chicken and pasta while trying to hide those veggies under his fork. Thankfully he eats fruit like I eat chocolate.
Lana: The youngest and cutest at only 5 years old, she will eat anything if it is with pasta. Chicken with pasta, mince with pasta, even tuna and olives with pasta. Did I mention she loves pasta?

We would love for you to join us on this journey as we help you to save time and energy and give you healthy time back with your family.