How can we help you?

General Questions

How do I order?
All orders take place online at www.pantrybox.co.za. Just choose what you would like to order, click on the delivery date, pay by Zapper, and your order will be waiting for you at the Pantry Box container on your chosen delivery date.
How do I pay?
All payments are made by Zapper through the website.
Where and when do I pick up my order?
Your order may be collected from the Pantry Box container on your school field between 12pm and 17:30pm daily.
Do you operate during the school holidays?
No, Pantry Box will not operate during the school holidays. Pantry Box reserves the right to limit deliveries on certain school days due to the school programme, eg, last day of term and sports days. Clients will be given sufficient notice.
How do the DIY meal kits work?
The DIY meals kits are a meal in kit form. You receive a detailed, easy to follow step-by-step recipe with all your ingredients already sliced, diced and chopped. You just need to cook the meal according to the instructions. All the ingredients are included in your kit, from the 1 Tbsp of oil needed for cooking to the free range meat and vegetables. All the freshest and best quality ingredients are used and perfectly portioned for your recipe. All the meals are balanced and nutritious allowing you to feed your family healthy food with the minimum of fuss.
How many people does the DIY meal kit feed?
I’ve tested all these meals on my family and each recipe feeds all of us. 2 adults, 1 teen, 1 tween and 1 tot.
Why are free range eggs better?
There are 2 main reasons why everyone should only be buying free range eggs. The first is that it is just ethical and therefore the right thing to do. The chickens are cared for and are allowed to roam and scratch in their natural environment. The second reason is that because these chickens are allowed access to sunshine and they eat a healthy, natural diet, their eggs are full of nutrition, making them much healthier for us and for our family.
What do you mean by free range beef?
The beef we use comes from a family owned farm in the Natal Midlands. The animals are grass fed and their diet consists of products natural to the animal. They are free from any growth hormones and the traceability of the meat is ensured.
What do you mean by free range pork?
The pork we use comes from a family owned farm in the Natal Midlands. All the pigs are kept under humane conditions and under the supervision of a specialised pig Veterinarian. The pigs are fed only maize/protein based hormone-free diets.
What do you mean by free range chicken?
The chickens we use are reared in an ethical, natural environment in the Natal Midlands. None of our chicken products contain any brine, additives, antibiotics or growth promoters.